Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to Provide Help in MMMunited

Before  Providing help, a bitcoin wallet should have been created. Never provide help of the same amount with your available bitcoin balance. e,g if you have $100, you have to provide help of $95 to make room for bitcoin charges and fluctuations.

Login to mmmunited.org.  in your dashboard click on "Provide Help"

Note: after providing help you will need to monitor your account from time to time to check if you have been matched.
never provide help of the amount you can not readily provide within the period of 1 month. declining matched help will lead to your account being blocked and deleted from the system.

1. Click on "I want to provide help" from your Personal Office(PO)


2. Select check box.

3. Select bitcoin

4. Enter the amount and Click next

Confirm your PH and logout at your own time

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