Monday, 31 October 2016

How to comfirm "Get Help" Payment On MMM

Hello MMM users, you do know that on MMM platform, after you Get Help, you will be merged to someone or people who will pay you your money, after payment has been made and you received the alert, you will need to go Online and comfirm that the payment was truely made to you.
But the question now is, "How do you do that" well many of us knows how to, but am sure the Newbies on MMM doesn't know how to comfirm the Payment they received on MMM... Actually it is very simple...
Here is how you do it: when merged with someone who's going to pay you, the Screen will look something like this below image.
Just leave it that way, once the person pays your money, he/she will have to uploaded either a screenshot of the transaction or a picture of the bank teller  they paid with.
Once they upload it and submit, the Above picture will now look something like this below image.
And that is when you will be able to comfirm it, just click on it, and you will find option to comfirm that yes you received your money, once you comfirm it, the image will dissappear from that angle.

Note: The payer must upload that he/she has made the payment, before you can be able to see option to comfirm it, Even after you received the payment,  if they haven't uploaded the prove, you won't be able to comfirm it, because you won't see the option to do that, so just wait till they upload, or tell them to upload if they are not aware...

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