Tuesday, 20 September 2016

And Another guy Akeem from my MMM Nigeria team, will cash in 97 thousand naira today.

 Akeem from my MMM Nigeria team, will cash in 97 thousand naira today
 and he still has 34 thousand from his referral bonus that is pending which he will cash in later when they confirm it. he just sent me the shot...
to Register click here>> http://nigeria-mmm.net/?i=legal and register
Note: while registering, Leave the "Invite part as Legal"

Sunshine Peter
Giwa adewale
Owen Tcee
Jibril Sani

Are The new members of MMM Nigeria that are yet to provide help, in other words, (Yet to buy Mavro)
Days are counting guys the earlier the better for you guys. every single day that passes while you haven't provide help is a waste for you.(Example) If you provide help today 20th of September, by 20th october you will get back your money with extra 30% and also a bonus of 20$ or 50$ or maybe even 100$, depending on the amount of help you provided first.
provide help now, the goodnews is that you won't pay the money today, until 3weeks time when they merge you to who you will pay to.
even tho you won't pay the money immediately your days will be counting immediately you provide help...
stop your doubting spirit it will only stop you from achieving goals... make yourselves some money while it last....
if you have a question, ask through the comment section

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