Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to Open a Free Bitcoin Account, Double Your Bitcoin & Convert it to Real Cash

This post is directed to those who don’t know anything about bitcoin nor how to open a free bitcoin account. Bitcoin is not new, it is a digital CryptoCurrency whose value keep appreciating. You can receive bitcoin or use bitcoin to pay for an item online. Can I tell you this, if you have 1 bitcoin, you are a big boy because the value of one bitcoin as at today is around $616.07 which is equivalent to N328.124

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to Provide Help in MMMunited

Before  Providing help, a bitcoin wallet should have been created. Never provide help of the same amount with your available bitcoin balance. e,g if you have $100, you have to provide help of $95 to make room for bitcoin charges and fluctuations.

Login to mmmunited.org.  in your dashboard click on "Provide Help"

Note: after providing help you will need to monitor your account from time to time to check if you have been matched.
never provide help of the amount you can not readily provide within the period of 1 month. declining matched help will lead to your account being blocked and deleted from the system.

MMM United: How to Increase Your Bitcoin 100% in 30Days

Take it or leave it, cryptocurrency is the future of money. There are many ways to make money online using your bitcoin wallet, and I’ve laid so many emphasis on how to create a free bitcoin wallet but today, I’m going to show you how to get 100% ROI via bitcoin. Subsequently, I’ll show you other ways to increase your bitcoin money.

Note: this is a risk, life is a risk, not taking risk is risky on its own. Therefore, you do this at your own risk.
MMM is now a household name, the more people call it a scam, the more people go into it. My emphasis today is not on MMM Nigeria but MMMunited. MMMunited is not long in the system, started 11th of August and the system has been running and effective.
MMM UNITED isn’t a bank, MMM UNITED doesn’t collect your cash, MMM UNITED isn’t a web business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM UNITED is an international community where folks facilitate one another.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Reasons You should never Sign-up With Linda Ikeji's Social- LIS

This is just an expert ISP opinion by name TimiGate and I do not completely agree with some of the points pointed out here but will love to know what you think.
I’m pretty sure when you mention blogging in Nigeria, the first thing that will come to your mind is Linda ikeji. I admire her giant leap into doing new things but at this time, when preparation meet opportunity, an invention is born… but in her case, should we called this inadequate preparation or what?

How to Fund Your Swisscoin Account Using Bitcoin Wallet

First of all, you need to get a free bitcoin ewallet if you don’t already have,  go to blockchain.info. and sign up.

>>Secondly, you need to buy bitcoin from any of the listed trusted  sellers bitx.co, coinbase.com naira4dollar.com, goldrushnigeria.com or https://instantgold.ng/

Monday, 31 October 2016

How to comfirm "Get Help" Payment On MMM

Hello MMM users, you do know that on MMM platform, after you Get Help, you will be merged to someone or people who will pay you your money, after payment has been made and you received the alert, you will need to go Online and comfirm that the payment was truely made to you.
But the question now is, "How do you do that" well many of us knows how to, but am sure the Newbies on MMM doesn't know how to comfirm the Payment they received on MMM... Actually it is very simple...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

MMM South Africa presents MAVRONews AFRICA Newscast #18

watch video above.

How to Register and Join MMM Nigeria and what to do after Registration

  1. Visit the MMM Nigeria official Website: mmm-nigeria.net
  2. Click the Registration link to register
  3. Enter your First name and Surname.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your Mobile Phone Number (Example: +2348036661234)
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Confirm password.
  8. Enter invite@mmm-nigeria.net as invite email address (Or enter the email address of your referrer)
  9. Guider's Email Address: invite@mmm-nigeria.net
  10. Guider's Phone Number: Leave blank, as system will automatically allocate this.
  11. Enter Picture Code.
  12. Check the "Warning" checkbox.
  13. Click REGISTER IN MMM.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

What is MMM?

MMM is a community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence.

In MMM you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property. In MMM there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Blog Trafic: Top 7 ways to promote your blog and get more visitors

How to get your blog known? How to get readers for your blog? How do you promote your Blog with Little or No Money? How do you get your blog out there?

Blog advertisement and promotion is continuous art used by webmasters to promote and attract more visitors to their blog.
How will you feel if you struggle to create a blog; spend hours, days or months to post quality content on your new blog and nobody reads it? The worst regret you will ever have is starting a blog that only few readers visit.
When you create a blog and nobody finds it or read your post; you need to take a step to get people to read it. At least, introduce it to them. To get people to read your blog posts, you have to advertise and promote your blog.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Top Reasons Why you don’t Make Money from Blogging

Are you among these bloggers who are struggling to make money through their blog? is your blog not making money? Do you know why you don’t make money while blogging?
There are thousand and one bloggers today but only a handful of these bloggers make money from their blog.
If you are among those who don’t make money from their blog; don’t panic, I will give reasons why you don’t make money blogging. Here below are 5 reasons why you don’t make money blogging. If you can amend these things you will see yourself making six- figures in a year like the way I do.

Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

 Here are some mistakes Bloggers make, if you are a blogger, better learn from it.

1. Not updating your blog
Most bloggers set up a new blog and is excited about it. For the first few days, maybe even for few weeks you see them publish new post and then as the weeks goes further, the number of post starts to diminish until the blog is hardly updated at all. Nothing kills a blog faster than lack of updates. If you are going to blog then you must be ready to update your blog. Pick posting frequency and stick to it. Once you don’t update your blog, the blog will be dead.

2. Rushing post
I am quite sure all blogger have all been guilty of this mistake. If you have not made this very mistake-I know I have. You just hear of a new release technology or story and you want to be the first to get it out ASAP but in your rush to publish the post, you publish the article without being proofread. What a bad write-up! Take your time to double check the article or post to make sure it’s free of error. If you spot an error after the post, correct it immediately less you forget.

How to create a blog and make money (free beginners guide)

Do you want to create a blog that pays? Are you interested in having a blog that makes money for you in Nigeria? Do you wish to start your own blog but you don’t know how to go about it. Calm down!  This post is for you! 


In Nigeria, more and more people are starting blogs every day. It seems that every person even company’s businesses has a blog these days. The rate at which Nigerians create blog is undoubtedly high. This is due to the widespread claim that blogging is one of the lucrative means of making money online.
You have been hearing of this blogging thing and making money online. Now, you want to give it a trial…..to get started with your own blog!

And Another guy Akeem from my MMM Nigeria team, will cash in 97 thousand naira today.

 Akeem from my MMM Nigeria team, will cash in 97 thousand naira today
 and he still has 34 thousand from his referral bonus that is pending which he will cash in later when they confirm it. he just sent me the shot...
to Register click here>> http://nigeria-mmm.net/?i=legal and register
Note: while registering, Leave the "Invite part as Legal"

Sunday, 28 August 2016

If you can't do Swisscoin, why not try out MMM Nigeria and earn straight to your bank account.


For those who have registered on swisscoin but hasn't been Earning or hasn't bought a token because they don't understand it, or because they are scared it might be scam...

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Become a Millionaire, Make Extra 30% of your money Monthly from MMM Nigeria

MMM is
a platform designed by a Russian mathematician with the sole aim of
providing help to each other so as to get free of financial problems.
The most important thing is that after providing help you get 30% of your help at the end
of the month and also with bonuses depending on the amount you start with.
It is registered with federal republic of Nigeria should in case you are afraid of

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Simple review of how MMM Nigeria works

I know many of you must have heard and still hearing about MMM Nigeria,
many who don't understand how this platform works will think it's a scam because opportunities like this don't easily. Since we don't like reading long stories online, without taking much off your time, Am gonna  briefly explain how it works to you right here in a simple way that you will understand.

  How can i join MMM Nigeria
to join mmm nigeria Click here  and register

After signing up, how do i earn from it
When you Sign up on MMM for free, on your dashboard, you will find options to "Provide help"  and also the one to "Get help" you will have to provide help with any amount from a thousand naira to millions, pending on the amount you wish to start with. just know that whichever amount you provide help with, you will earn extra 30% of the money in 30days (a month) so i will advice you to provide help with something tangible, for instance, if you provide help of 10,000, in 30 days you will get 13,000, if you provide help of 100,000, you will get 130,000 in 30 days e.t.c
You  will also get $20, $50 or $100 bonus pending on the amount you provide help with.

 Be Wise
 Days are counting guys the earlier the better for you guys. every single day that passes while you haven't provide help is a waste for you.(Example) If you provide help today 20th of September, by 20th October you will get back your money with extra 30% and also a bonus of 20$ or 50$ or maybe even 100$, depending on the amount of help you provided first.
provide help now, the good news is that you won't pay the money today, until 3weeks time when they merge you to who you will pay to.
even tho you won't pay the money immediately your days will be counting immediately you provide help...
stop your doubting spirit it will only stop you from achieving goals... make yourselves some money while it last....

How do i get paid
you have nothing to worry about on this part because you get paid directly into your bank account which you will be asked to provide right before you provided help on MMM

what are you still waiting for? Sign up now and provide help, and start smiling to the bank in 30 days.
if you have any question, drop your question in the comment section or email us on Njjudon@gmail.com

4 Ways to Detect Invalid Activity in Google AdSense

Monitoring your website's performance shouldn't be a chore but a necessity. After all, how else will you know how to serve your audience better - and acquire new ones - if you don't know how they get to you, what they do on your site and who they are? Google Analytics is a tool that does all that, but despite its sophistication, your account can be suspended for invalid activity.

This is the one thing that you have to avoid because the process of reinstating your account may take a while. That said, how can you detect invalid activity?

HOW MMM-NIGERIA WORKS (Make 30% extra income)

MMM is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the Global Fund of mutual aid. This is the first sprout of something new in modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and hard cash. The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world's unjust financial system. Financial Apocalypse! Before you join, be sure to be acquainted with our ideology!

MMM is not a bank, MMM does not collect your money, MMM is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM is a computer program that was created by Sergey Mavrodi for the people of this world to be able to live free from financial pressure. MMM is a community where people help each other.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Simple Tips To Getting Good Traffics and More Visitors To Your Blog

Today I will be sharing with you some ideas on how you can drive more visitors to your blog. How do I get visitors to my blog? happens to be first question I asked when I wanted to a start blog.  To me, creating a blog is not as hard as getting visitors to a blog. But thanks to some bloggers that helped me then. More grace to them in the blogging arena.

Check out INFINIX NOTE 3 X601, Exclusive Photos And Specifications

According to the information released from infinix market,  Infinix Note 3 is next in line to be unveiled #NoteTheSpeed!

The Smartphone, Note 3 (X601) is nothing but a jaguar that will change the face of the market just like its predecessor Infinix Note 2.

The infinix Note 3 has come with some thrilled features like fingerprint scanner, metal body and dual-LED flash, and is coming with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and XOS.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How Can I Make Money With SwissCoin?

If you don't have a swisscoin account yet, Register here and get free 100 swisscoins.

How Can I Make Money With SwissCoin?
There are two ways to make money with Swisscoin which includes;

1.       Investing in the mining of coins as explained Here
2.       Referring someone and getting paid commissions and bonuses.

Referring someone and getting paid commissions and bonuses.
SwissCoin has a phenomenal hybrid compensations plan where they pay you commission to help educate more people and help them to benefit from the opportunity.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How to Join SwissCoin? Swisscoin sign up

It is very simple,  Due to its network marketing opportunity, you will need to have a sponsor in order to join the business. Let me be your sponsor. If you use my link to join right now, you will get 100 coins free of charge. By the time SwissCoin goes trading for about €1 per coin, that will translate to €100.
Click here to join

And please if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section

What you need to do Before Applying for Google AdSense

It seems that everyone wants to make money by joining up with Google AdSense and why not? Google AdSense is a relatively simple, straightforward way to actually start earning some extra money with your efforts.

However, things have changed from the early days of AdSense when joining was not much of an issue. Today, applying for AdSense takes more effort and some preparation so that you can take full advantage of their services.

Monday, 15 August 2016

How to Fund Your SwissCoin Account

In the word of the wise, Becoming rich is hard… Staying broke is hard. Choose your hard! The other day we talked about SwissCoin which was globally launched July 2nd, 2016 and global trading will begin February 2017.

Unfortunately, some of you who wish to be part of this cryptocurrencymovement have not been able to fund your account due to the platform provided. In some couples of week, some other funding methods will be available without stress.

How to Fund Your SwissCoin Account With PayPal

Hello everyone if you are yet to join the live changing platform swisscoin, you can click here to sign up, and as for those who has ceased the opportunity and joined,good job.
This is  to bring a notice, to those who have registered for SwissCoin but are yet to fund their account. The most important aspect of theSwissCoinCryptocurrency is the mining phase which is the most lucrative aspect.
When you Invest €50, you get 500 tokens. After split, you get 1000 tokens. Mine the tokens to coins and get 1000 coins. When SwissCoin goes public trading, you get €1000+ from a €50 investment.

SwissCoin- Creating Billionaires Worldwide (Alternative to BitCoin)

Make sure you read to the end, it ain't that much.

You know what they  say. "Opportunity  normally dress in form of singlet and boxers, its left for you to embrace them and cloth them up.
The world of Digital currency has been ruled by BitCoin but that is soon coming to an end. This year, there has been a huge search for the most reliable BitCoin alternative due to  its capacity issues and design flaws.
Bitcoin is a digital currency known as cryptocurrency. It’s a currency not issued by governments or banks. The currency uses some complicated programming to limit the amount of money that can be created.

This is where I’m going to, SwissCoin.
SwissCoin is a  new cryptocurrency that is created by a company from Switzerland with several partners from Germany. It’s a huge business opportunity for everyone willing to step into financial liberty. 

You must understand that:

1. Cryptocurrency, which is digital money, was created in 2009 from the blockchain technology. Bitcoin was the first to enter the market, and as many now know, we missed out big-time. Bitcoin started trading at $0.02 and 4 years later it was traded at over $1100 – today’s value is close to $700 and it has created a lot of wealth for many.

2. Lets do some Calculations. Lets assume you bought BitCoin worth $1000 in those days, the value now will be;
1 bitcoin = $0.02
Therefore, $1000 will generate ($1000/$0.02)  = 50,000 coins.
Today, 1 Bit Coin = $700 (NGN 224,510). Your 50,000 coins will be valued at $35,000,000 and that’s just in a few years from investing $1,000.

3. The reason the value of a cryptocurrency goes up, is because it is set by demand and supply, meaning the more people want to mine and own the coin, the higher the price goes.

SwissCoin like I said earlier, is a brand new cryptocurrency, pre-launched May 1th and the blockchain went live and started mining the first batch of coins on Saturday June 4th. Members of SwissCoin are today mining these coins at lowest possible value at 0.1 euro

What Products Does SwissCoin Offers?
SwissCoin offers to its members is different levels of educational packswithin cryptocurrency and finance, so that members can educate themselves on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which is by guarantee the future of payments.

The educational packs ranges from €25 and up to €15,000.

In the pack you purchase you will also receive “tokens” that are used to generate SwissCoin in the system, you will receive 1 token for 0.1 euro. Meaning if you Invest €500, you will get 5,000 tokens. You will also receive 1 split in your pack (a split doubles up your tokens) giving you a total of 10,000 tokens.

Today as SwissCoin mins at lowest rate possible (1/1) you get 1 SwissCoin out of 1 token in the mining process, as more coins are mined over time, the difficulty will increase.

Your will then receive 10,000 SwissCoins after the mining and as the value of the coin increases, so does the value of your total amount of coins do.

Here is the most interesting part,
When SwissCoin is valued at only €1, you investment of €500 would be worth€10,000 (as you have 10,000 coins).
That’s just the minimum possible. In 2018 SwissCoin is expected to be valued at closer to €5 per coin and still rising, meaning you €500 investment would the be worth €50,000.

How Can I Make Money With SwissCoin?
There are two ways to make money with Swisscoin which includes;

1.       Investing in the mining of coins as explained above
2.       Referring someone and getting paid commissions and bonuses.

Referring someone and getting paid commissions and bonuses.
SwissCoin has a phenomenal hybrid compensations plan where they pay you commission to help educate more people and help them to benefit from the opportunity.

From any direct sale of the educational packs, you will receive 10% of the BV (business volume/investments) in commission, no limits to how many people you can “sponsor” in with your link.

One BV = €0.8
As a direct sales of €500 is 500 BV, calculated to commission at 1BV = €0.8, this means you get €40 in commission.

Team Bonuses
If you have a €50 package or above yourself, you will also be eligible for “team bonus” which is between 2-22% of all sales done by your entire team down through infinity.

Matching Bonuses
If you have a €250 package or above yourself you are also eligible for “matching bonus” which pays on our your team commission in 11 generations down, ranging from 1-20% of their earned commissions.

How to Find your referral link 
to get your referral link which you can use to invite people and earn bonuses from them, once you are logged into your account, at the top right side of your account you will find your usernname, click on it, view your data, once the page is opened, you will find your referral link. just as mine http://swisscoin.eu/ilechukwu yours would be http://swisscoin.eu/YourUsername
(just replace the red text part with the Username you registered with, and that's your referral link)

How Can I Cashout?
Once you have money in your SwissCoin wallet, you have different options to cash out;
  1. To bank account
  2. Using SwissCoin Mastercard to be available in September 2016
  3. Reinvest in buying more coins and making more money.
40% of your earnings are automatically re-injected into the system for mining while 60% is made available. This is particularly interesting as it ensures you have that recurring earning coming your way.

How to Join SwissCoin?
Due to its network marketing opportunity, you will need to have a sponsor in order to join the business. Let me be your sponsor. If you use my link to join right now, you will get 100 coins free of charge. By the time SwissCoin goes trading for about €1 per coin, that will translate to €100.

How Can I Create my Free Account?
Click here to download this free guide

Fraud and Money Laundering
Fraud and money laundering has always been a major issue with Bitcoin which has been my major concern. But with SwissCoin KYC (Know Your Customer), you are good to go.
It make sure that it doesn’t serve as a channel for illegal monetary transactions. It’s transparent, clean and secured.

SwissCoin is a business opportunity with high prospect you should consider investing in. I know you’ve got alots of questions, feel free to ask in the comment section, and we’ll discuss this business opportunity together.

After registration, join this our Facebook group

Monday, 6 June 2016

Goodluck Jonathan admits he's being investigated for corruption

In an interview with Bloomberg TV this morning, former President Goodluck Jonathan, said he is aware he is being investigated for corruption in Nigeria. Asked if he was aware that he is being investigated, Jonathan said

"Of course, obviously we would be investigated and I am being investigated. Yes, investigations are going on" he said
He says he wouldn't want to comment on whether the investigators would find anything incriminating.
"I wouldn't want to comment on certain things because when a government is working, it is not proper for the immediate past president to make certain statements. I would allow the government to do the work they are supposed to do. After all the investigations, the whole story would be properly chronicled"he said
Jonathan, said he doesn't feel liable for the poor state of the Nigerian economy.
"No. You see the economy of Nigeria somehow depends on oil and at anytime that oil prices drop, it affects the economy significantly in terms of its contribution to the GDP"he said
On the assumption that he left an empty treasury, Jonathan said
"That is not true. There is no way he would have inherited empty treasury and at the same time give bailout to the states. It is not possible. Nigeria is a fairly robust economy. but sometimes we over politicize certain issues and make it look so bad but it was not that bad".

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Ambode vows to rescue abducted Secondary school girls

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode says his government will spare no effort to ensure the safe return of the three female students of Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary School in Ikorodu area of the state, who were kidnapped by a group of armed gang on Monday evening February 29th.

Ambode in a statement signed by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde and released today March 2nd, condemned the unfortunate incident, just as he assured that the Police and other security operatives have swung into action, with useful leads and with an unwavering determination to track down the perpetrators of the act and ensure the safe return of the girls.

“We have not been silent on this unfortunate development. In a delicate security matter of this nature, where young innocent people are involved and management of information demands utmost circumspect, we were convinced that swift and coordinated reaction, guided by intelligence reports on the part of the Police, was a better and more sensitive approach to take, rather than a sensational, panic-stricken reaction”he said. He said the State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni as well as the Assistant Inspector General of Police for the Lagos/Ogun Command were fully on ground at the scene and vicinity of the incident leading the entire coordinated effort involving every military apparatus. “We believe in the capacity of the Police to lead this rescue mission. I have had ceaseless briefing with them since the incident happened and God helping us, we shall spare no effort in securing the safe release of the girls and continue to secure the school and indeed every part of Lagos”. Governor Ambode said the incident may not be unconnected with his recent visit to some parts of Ikorodu where he read the riot act to vandals and criminal gangs on the resolve of the state government to take the battle to their hideouts in a spirited effort to secure the pipelines. “We believe this is a case of evil fighting back. But Lagos will neither succumb to threats of lawlessness nor bow to terror. Our resolve is very clear; we will assist the Police and other security agencies in dealing decisively with this one unfortunate case and prevent future reoccurrence. We will deploy the resources at our disposal to safeguard every life and property within our care,” he said.
Governor Ambode also recalled a similar incident in Arepo area of Ogun State, where a senior staff of a leading telecommunications agency was kidnapped three days ago, however saying that he has gotten assurance from both the Ogun State Police and Lagos Police Commands on their collaborative efforts to tame the menace of kidnapping and ensure return of order and safety. He also commended the gallantry of the students of the school who put up a courageous resistance to prevent the abduction of their mates, just as he praised the mature and measured response of the school management in the wake of the incident. “The state government is with you in bringing this unfortunate episode to a quick resolution. I wish to appeal for calm and support of every Lagosian. I urge them to be vigilant and helpful to the security operatives in this onerous task to rid the state of every form of criminality, cultism and terrorism,” he said.
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